Independent Reading #5

For my independent reading assignment number 4 I read The Hobbit ( or There and Back Again ) by J.R.R. Tolkien. First published in 1939, this book is about a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins and his misadventures with his friends, in the attempt to seize the dragon Smaug’s treasure. Smaug has been terrorizing a nearby kingdom called Dale for a long time. On […]



Dear Malala, I think your experiences were very interesting. You are a very admirable young lady. You are one because you acted on girl’s education, when you were being threatened by the Taliban and when you weren’t being threatened. I also admire you because you kept advocating for girl’s education even after you were shot. I […]

Poetry Contest

                   In the past you could hear the prehistoric roar of the last mighty dinosaurs                    Now their bones are like gold their memory rolling in the minds of the young ones fantasizing about meeting them. In the past […]


For my independent reading assignment #4 I read the Ranger’s apprentice book #1 “ Ruins of Gorlan ”  by John Flanagan. This book is about a boy named Will who finds himself in an orphanage where the other kids like him ( with no parents or living relatives ) go to school and learn to […]


This is a real story by the way. I was sitting on the bench of a baseball dugout in Cleveland Ohio. Myself and some other teammates were sitting on it chewing gum and spitting sunflower seeds on the ground and yelling encouragement to the batter, who ended up striking out. The coach stood up and […]

My Independent Reading Project #2

For my second independent reading project, I read Ready Player One by earnest Cline: This book is about a boy named Wade Watts, who lives in a post-apocalyptic world. The only way to get away from this world is a virtual reality simulator created by James Halliday called the OASIS peppered with 80’s pop-culture references […]